Animals and Birds page 2

Shipping for the OPTIONS varies for each item; therefore, you will need to contact me and I can quote you a shipping charge and take your order.

Two Birds Nesting/Oil Painting $120

This 10x14 has pleasing colors which gives it a peaceful quality. The birds themselves are mostly, yellow, gold, black, and a touch of brown. The white flowers growing on the vine add interest while the reeds and butterflies let you know that water is close.

Giclees and Note Cards
Zoe/Original Oil $375
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This is my lovely cat,Zoe, painted on 16x20 canvas. She is my oldest cat and my pride and joy. It took me longer to photograph her than it did to paint her. I tried to match those green eyes and the colors in her long fur. She has very definite markings and is a gray tabby Maine Coon.

Frame,Giclees, Note Cards
Canadian Geese/Oil on Board $450
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This is an original oil,24x28, painted from a photo I took two years ago at a state park in Tennessee. I used the elements from the photo, but it is my interpretation not an exact copy of the photo. I painted the picture in layers with glazes to get the patterns on the geese and in the water.

Frame,Giclees, Note Cards
Raccoons/Original Oil $375
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

I painted this for my nephew who is a forest ranger. I worked very carefully on every detail and changes in coloration. The fur on the raccoons was something I wanted to be realistic. I felt like was a successful 16x20 painting.

Frames and Giclees
Simba the Red/Original Oil $375
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

I paint pets as well as other animals. Simba,a Chow, was a personal pet and greatly loved. I worked for a photo and cropped it to use the head and chest. Maybe someone out there has pet just like him and would enjoy this 16x20 painting.

Frame, Giclees, Note Cards