Animals and Birds

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Paintings by R Pope
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Christmas Cardinals/Original Oil $135
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This little 9x10 oil painting is a jewel. It is good especially at the winter, Christmas season,and any time for bird lovers. I worked hard to bring out the bright reds and oranges on the male who is fluffed up for cold weather. The female finishes out the pair displayed on snowy pine branches.

Frame, Giclees, Note Cards
Baltimore Oriole/Original Oil $ 85.00

I painted this 8x10 for Christmas gifts a few years ago. Everyone liked the brilliant colors in the bird. Bird lovers will love it, too. This would make a nice gift for someone.

Frames, Giclees, and Note Cards
Deer/Original Oil $375
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This lovely 16x20 oil painting depicts a young buck nibbling a low hanging branch. The woods just glow with fall coloring. You feel like you are under the canopy of trees with him. The shading on the deer shows how healthy and muscular he is.

Giclees and note cards