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Cousins Forever/Original Oil $500
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This 16x20 shows my granddaughter and her first cousin, hence Cousins Forever. They are extremely close. I was hoping to paint a show piece. I did, it was selected to be in a ten state show that very year. I used layers of glazes to get the dept in the figures.

Frame,Giclees, Note Cards
Sand Box Delight/Original Oil

Layers were painted on and some wiped off. With each layer new paint was applied on the darks first, then the lights til the painting was finished. It is painted on an artist panel which is smooth helping the layer go on easily. The little girl looked like my own.

Frame,Giclees, Note Cards
Alex/Original Oil 16x20 $400

I asked this young lady to let me photo her. She came to my house and I took many shots. The one I selected had light all around her. With no shadows it was hard to get enough contrast to show off her features. This is my 16x20 of Alex painted on a board w/linen canvas.

Giclees and Note Cards
Pretty Woman/Original Oil $450
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This lovely lady posed for me and took lots of pictures. I chose this pose to paint because of the look on her face. She was in front of a mirror which I subdued leaving her to be the main focus. The robe was complicated but fun at the same time. This is a 16x20 board w/linen canvas.

Giclees and note cards