Double the Pleasure/Original Oil $595
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This 22x28 original oil painting really is beautiful to look at. I placed 3 large spider mums in a lovely green glazed piece of round pottery. Since I wanted to increase the beauty I placed the whole arrangement in front of an antique Chippendale mirror thereby doubling the pleasure.

Frames, Giclees, and Note Cards
Green Vase and Pink Roses/ Giclee 11x14 $100

This original oil painting is 11x14. The colors are very pleasing and blend together. This type of painting is very stylish now because it is looser than others. It is done quickly with thin mediums and a big, short brush to get the right pressure on the canvas.

Giclees and note cards
Peppers and Spring Onions/ Oil Painting $150

This oil painting is an 11x14 suitable for kitchen of dining areas. The brilliant colors of the yellow and red peppers make the painting come alive and add a pleasing touch to your decor.

Giclees and note cards
Summer Lemonade/Oil on Canvas 9x12 $130

My goal was to paint all the lemon slices and ice in the pitcher. Many color changes were in a small area. The glass spout and handle were hard. The mat under the pitcher was the most difficult. The challenges met make this a nice painting.

Frame,Giclees,Note Cards, Prints
Fall Harvest/Oil Painting $145
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

The warm autumn colors make you think of Fall. Different kinds of pumpkins, gourds, and onions are harvested then. I wanted to make a painting that could be used in the Fall as well as the rest of the year. This 11x14 does that in a beautiful way.

Frame,Giclees, Note Cards